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Google Doodle: Earth Day

As part of the Earth Day celebration, search engine giant Google replaced its logo with animated flowers. Earth Day was observed since 1970 with the aim to raise the environmental awareness of the people. Visitors of Google will see blooming flowers to celebrate this annual ecological event.

Earth Day is the brain-child of US Senator Gaylord Nelson; it aims to promote the love for environment after the world has witnessed a huge oil spill that happened in the coast of California. The event rallied a lot of people across United States because it was the same era when the rise of hippie culture happened. There were various protests happening everywhere, groups were fighting against toxic dumps, oil spills, pesticides and extinction of wildlife too.

April 22nd is Earth Day for the past several years; this is the same date when the original event took place. It was only in 1990 when Earth Day decided to go global and organizers were able to encourage 141 countries to join in.

During Earth day, people were encouraged to do environmental pledges. It could be as simple as switching off the light bulbs to a more complex cause which is to plant one billion acts of green. To date, there are already 192 countries who observe Earth Day.

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