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Smartload Retailing Reviewed [updated]

There are many ways to be a SmartLoad Retailer.

One is through SmartLoad Dealers. You can easily identify them because their stores have banners that say “LOAD WALLET”. Surely, you can buy there a Smart Retailer Kit which costs P300*. That’s how they call it, but what you actually get is a Smart Simpack which is loaded P1 airtime and 50 free text messages – free text messages to Smart/Talk n’ Txt subscribers only. They say these “free” text messages will not expire, provided you will maintain the P1 airtime balance. You also need to fill up your Load Wallet which is P500 minimum. All in all, you need P800* to start up your mini-business. Earnings vary depending on the denominations you want to sell.

P15 and P200 are not so popular to retailers since from P15 load, your profit is P1.75 and from P200 is P6.50, compared to P115 e-load, your profit is P13. All text 20 is the most salable.

Available denominations and earnings:

jv Rafanan

jv Rafanan

These are your earnings provided you still have the personal load of P1. So what if you lose that P1 balance? It could’ve expired or you accidentally text someone from other network.  By then, you need to load your sim every time before you can reload someone else’s. To avoid this, just load your mobile with enough load, otherwise use this number exclusively for reloading.

For a minimum of P3,500 load wallet sold in a month, you get 300 bonus free text (Smart to Smart text only) and 1peso airtime the following month which is credited every first week of the following month•  1peso airtime (has an expiration of 40days)

•  Free text does not expire***

Like I said, earnings vary. You need to reload before your 1 peso airtime personal load expires. Before the 40th day, make sure you already have reloaded, otherwise you’ll need somebody else to reload you.

So for example, you sold your P500 Load Wallet to 28 Alltxt20s. The remainder P10 balance is your perceived (kita/tubo) profit. Load Wallet has no expiration. So that P10 can be used on your next reload sale.

P17.50 * 28 = P490.00

Note that we haven’t included yet the P300 we invested for the Simpack. Your ROI will depend on how much you sell in a month. In the event that you lose your personal load, your earnings will decrease since you will need to reload your number every now and then. So, I suggest you load your sim using a card esp, if you can’t get the free text from reloading your Load Wallet P3,500 in a month. You can acquire a P300 Smart call/text card from P285.00 – P290.00. This load includes 33 freetext (smart/TnT only) and P300 worth of airtime balance which expires after 60 days. For added income or so that you can reimburse your expense for buying that Smart Call/Txt card, you can also sell these airtime balance through pasaload. If you can consume the P300 airtime balance as Pasaload, then you can get P70+ markup depending on the amount of Pasaload you’re going to sell.

* price as of January 2008. Current price is P100.00 for the Retailer Sim

** P600.00 all in all to start up your mini-business

*** according to some agents

For more info about Smartload Retailing, dial *333 using your Smart cellphones, or 845-7733 on your landline phones.

to be continued..

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