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Spunky got Fleas!

spunky_new_groomSpunky had her hair cut (grooming) this afternoon. She was getting fleas maybe from the dogs outside. She’s scratching her back and rubs her tummy on the couch arm rest. The maid had to burn each and every flea she finds. It’s kind of disgusting. I remember when I was a child, I loved playing with those icky looking creatures, like the worms and the caterpillar. Maybe when you’re a kid, everything is a wonder. Nothing’s icky.

I don’t know if Granny asked her maid to buy a flea and tick control. Like I told you before, Spunky almost has everything (except for a bed). I hope she did not miss this one. Besides, Spunky’s kinda smelly too. I don’t know why.

Anyway, look at her now. I think she has her hair cut every 2 months. The maid always brings her to Tiendesitas, but today she brought her to Ortigas (not sure where exactly). But I prefer dogs like her with the long hair, hehe and when she is lying down, you will not recognize her a dog. When she was younger, she was so black, if you take a picture of her, she’ll look like a rug. You might accidentally step on her because you’ll think it’s just a fluffy rug. ^^

7 thoughts on “Spunky got Fleas!”

  1. @Joni: hi! yeah, she’s cute. but so loud. she keeps on barking. if ever i have my own house and money, i’ll buy a golden retriever. hehe.

  2. Aww..Spunky got flees? There are medicated shampoos out there. :) OJ also have his monthly grooming today.^^ He love to be groomed running around the house and his head up high everytime after grooming.

    I hope Spunky will be cleared from flees soon.. :(

  3. @jed: yeah.. she’s scratching and scratching. LOL. yeah, i think when spunky was younger, they use those kind of shampoos on her. ang cute naman ni OJ. sana makita ko sya. ^^

  4. kyuuuut. namiss ko tuloy si gagi. hays. susyal spunky. kami gagi. kalyeng-kalye. wahaha!

    “when you’re a kid, everything is a wonder. Nothing’s icky.”

    i like that line. quotable quote. nice. hihi

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