Linking EON (Debit Card) to Paypal

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Why do you need a Debit/Credit Card to link to Paypal? That’s the same question I’ve been asking over and over again.

Yes, you can send and receive money to and from other paypal accounts even if your account hasn’t been verified yet. But you can see somewhere in between the “withdrawing” tab that you need to have a verified account to lift your limit. (sorry wasn’t able to take a snapshot).

I came to the conclusion that in order to withdraw money to your bank account after you’ve reached $500 (as your limit) you have to have your account verified to be able to continuously withdraw. That’s the very reason why I opened an EON (Visa) Debit Account in Unionbank.

I can’t stand my Paypal account status shouting at my face GET VERIFIED!


~ unverified paypal account

  • When you click on the Get Verified, it will take you to a page where it will ask for your debit card account number. You can see the digits in front of your card and you enter it there.
  • It will also ask for the expiration date of the card. It should also be there in front of your card, and then the CVV which is the 3-digit number at the back of your EON debit card. (Process and number location are the same with credit cards).
  • After filling up the fields, it will take you to this page which wants you to confirm your debit (visa) card linking to paypal:

Linking EON Visa card to Paypal

I went to to register for a Visa Electron CyberAccount* so I won’t need to go back to the bank. But since the page is under construction, I called up their hotline number (84-186) and told them that I couldn’t register online because the page is under maintenance.

The customer rep asked for my account details and gave me the 4-digit paypal code that I needed to link into my paypal account instead and would be charged $1.95** for it. Yey! My paypal account is verified! So I guess the perks of having your paypal account verified is sending unlimited money using paypal. ^^


My Paypal is Verified

*You don’t actually need to have a CyberAccount. It’s just for convenience.
**I deposited Php100 (roughly $2) in my EON account beforehand.

~ pic borrowed from net

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