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Wednesday Jul 21, 2010

Last night, Mike and I decided to join the Rexona Run 2010 (last minute decision making as usual, ehe). It was the first day of the late registration and as expected the (cutie) gold singlets are all out and we can only acquire the green ones. I conditioned myself that I’d be going out in the afternoon, 2pm this day and so I excitedly told Peh that I’m going to the fort where she’d be going as well.

But Mike changed his mind cuz he didn’t like the green singlet so my afternoon trip was canceled. I don’t know if it’s just out of boredom or just to keep Yz away from his sleeping Dad, or that I just wanted to give the dress to Niko so desperately that I, even though have an aching tummy and all, dragged Yz out and rode the mrt and  jeepney to Makati (even though I know Yz would be taking her nap in a couple of minutes).

I know, I know, Pehpot would hate me for doing this but I just want the dress out of my hands already. LOL. There’s no curse in the dress mind you, and if only I could frame and hang it on our wall I would. But wouldn’t it be prettier to have a little lady wear it on? So, yeah. Before it gets old with dust and not fit our little ladies, I sent it over (personally) to Ms. Niko cause I know her dear Boyengyeng can put it to good use (hope it fits *me fingers crossed).

Yz thanks Niko for the Victoria Secret Pretty In Pink Hydrating Body Lotion that Niko insisted on giving to me although I told her that I don’t put cologne/perfume and lotions on. ehe. I love the smell anyway. Thanks, Niks! (kala ko naman panty na pretty in pink, lol)

And this is Ms. Beng (thanks for the treat, will sure come back for a nasty tasty merienda). Look at her grinning! Guess what they’re talking about this time! Caught on you “tape”, madam! She is grinning cuz they’re talking about Grade 6 students using condoms? What? Did I hear it right? (kaw, ha Ms Beng! Kinky! *me with evil laugh)

Please forgive the pictures’ quality, since I only captured it through the ipod nano with video cam so I just did a screenshot of it. (para lang may pruweba at mang-inggit, in short bwahaha! me and my evil laugh again!)

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