Who’s this For?

Monday Aug 16, 2010

There are number of reasons why I just dragged myself to Pasig. First, I just needed a change of view to clear my mind off things. Second, I missed her so much, and third I need to get something from her for our little ladies.

Of course, this moment should be caught on pictures.

Pehpot cooked tocino for me as for my instructions to toast them and add sugar. ^^ v

This orange floral dress is actually for Yena. But Yz saw it and “borrowed” it. Sorry, Yenggay. ehe. (Next time Peh, dress ulit. bwahaha!)

No, I didn’t get this from Pehpot. But it’s also one of the reasons why I went to her place. Damn. What a great way to pass the time. LOL. It’s our new baby. Nice, right? It’s so pink. The first 2 pictures were taken using this Sony w310. Oh, we so much love to take pictures of ourselves and it’s hard to do that with a DSLR. hihi

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