Philhealth San Miguel Ave Office

Tuesday Jan 4, 2011

Every January, Mike pays his SSS and Philhealth membership voluntarily. There are banks where you can pay your SSS but I opted to visit SSS Pasig branch since I would be going to Philhealth CityState Center. But when I got there, a sign was posted on the main glass door.

Starting September 2010, Philhealth Shaw will move to its new office at DAP Building along San Miguel Avenue , Ortigas Center.

The information lady was kind enough to say, “Ma’am abot ka pa. Malapit lang po iyon. (You can still get there and pay on time. San Miguel Avenue is nearby),” and then gave me the direction. Of course, I should know it. It’s just across our building.

So I ran back to San Miguel Ave, thinking what DAP stands for since the paper posting didn’t even had the full name printed (as if they’re text speaking) when they have this whole bond paper to print the announcement on.

Anyway, when I got to San Miguel Avenue, there it was DAP or Development Academy of the Philippines Building after AMA and San Miguel Building and before Jollibee Center. You can find PhilHealth Members’ Assistance Center on the right side when you go inside the building.. You won’t really get lost. (I should’ve brought a cam with me)

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