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Dental City Megamall

I wasn’t able to take a nicer picture since there are many people passing from the Megatrade Hall sale. Anyway, this is where I had my panoramic xray which cost Php 850.00. One of the mommies’ patient there asked how much their braces cost and the dentist said it’s 85,000 pesos. Tsk.

What I really like about Dental City is their receptionist. Yes, she’s very “receptive”, fluent, open-minded and sensible. I like how she handled the patients especially when she had missed one patient to cue. She accepted her fault and actually said sorry to the next person for her mistake.

She asked me if I’m gonna bring the panoramic to the “other” clinic. I showed her my BHMG rx but she just said, okay. I thought I’d get a discount from that. So anyway, here are some services Dental City Megamall provides:

Teeth whitening, oral prophylaxis, fluoride treatment, complete dentures, IPS (full porcelain without metal), veneer and porcelain jacket crown, flexible dentures, light cure and amalgam filling, root canal therapy, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontic treatment (braces), gum treatment/periodontal treatment, ortho parameters (x-ray, photos, casts), panoramic / cephalometric xrays /transcrania.

For more information just call 635-6771

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