Please Let me Win First Prize! me need funds! yeah!

Friday Jan 30, 2009

This will be my first time to join a blog contest (I have butterflies in my tummy). I’ve been bumping into other blogs which won what from another blogger who hosted a contest (and is generously giving away prizes!). There are already lots of bloggers who joined.. There’s nothing to lose. I just have to take my chances. Besides, I won’t be spending out money (which i don’t have that’s why I’m joining this contest).

I have 3 blogs., and, but the other 2 blogs are not qualified to join this contest since they didn’t pass Entrecards TOS (much to my disappointment)… Entrecard is popular now and this contest will be giving away EC credits and cash (I hope I win cash). I don’t know how to use EC credits yet but then I do hope I will win even only EC credits.

This contest is held by Ate Mira (a stay-at-home Mom like me) in celebration of her 2 blogs’ (Random Thoughts and A Moment To Exhale) first blogsversary this February. The contest runs from January 25 to February 10, 2009. There are 10 ways to join this contest and I think more than 300 already joined… Don’t think. just Join!

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