How To Apply for Student Driver Permit in the Philippines

Friday Jun 10, 2011

Our Student Driver Permits had expired already so Mike and I went to LTO Pasig. Good thing we don’t need to go LTO Quezon City main. We reached LTO Pasig at exactly 12 noon so we were asked to come back after lunch at 1pm. There weren’t a lot of people compared to the main office so I suggest if you’re gonna get some license secured, visit the nearest District offices instead.

Here are the qualifications and requirements for Student Driver Permit:

    1. Must be
      • at  least 16 (sixteen) years of age.
      • physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
      • able to read and write the local dialect, Filipino or English.
    2. Original with Photocopy of Birth Certificate
      • Joint affidavit of 2 disinterested persons who know the applicant who can attest to his/her age & identity accompanied by non-availability of record from NSO or local civil registry office.
      • Any legal document to prove his/her age and identity: GSIS, SSS, Passport, or any government issued identification card.

in the absence of your Birth Certificate:

    1. For applicants below 18 years old:

Parent’s or guardian’s written consent with Xerox copy of ID card to prove his/her identity which must be duly notarized if not accompanied by parent or guardian.

  1. If employed: TIN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number)
  2. ADL – Application for Driver’s License
  3. Php 318 and Php 20 for the plastic card

The numbering is a little confusing, so just follow what the gov’t officer tell you to go, because in most cases they are not in consecutive order.

We got our application form on Window 1. Windows 2, 3 and 4 are for assessing your papers. After that you’ll be asked to go to Window 8 to take your picture and signature.

Window 6 Cashier to pay Php317.63 (but will be asked for Php 318; no more change)

  • Student Permit Fee Php 150.00
  • Application Fee Php 100.00
  • Computer Fee Php 67.63

Window 7 For Releasing where you are coerced to pay Php 20.00 for the plastic cover of your Student Driver Permit.

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