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Keeping it Up

This week had been very remarkable to my comeback! I’ve been on a dilemma for a while now between closing this blog down and wanting to revamp it . But as I ruminate through my old blogposts and their comments, I realized, there’s nothing so much to change about the theme and design but to change myself and my day to day routine. I should considerably  squeeze in some time to write a post or so.

start anew
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I’ve been spending so much time online particularly on social media sites. At first my excuse was that it’s my job to be so, my work is there so I have to be online all the time. But I still find myself browsing through other people’s lives as if my life ain’t that interesting.
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My Jinri Experience

Of course it is far different opposed to the real Jinri Experience gravure photobook. I didn’t have any idea who Jinri Park is before the Poptalk Clark Adventure shoot last Sunday, July 14th in Puning Hot Spring where I first saw her in person.


Yeah, of course I have heard of her name but I don’t know, maybe I just don’t watch too much local channels anymore or something. I don’t even see her online.


The guys were like, “what? you don’t know her?” And they were the ones who told me about The Jinri Experience. Nothing kinky as I thought it was after I googled it the next day. Anyway, I did interview Jinri while we were in the showers but nothing sort of like a formal one. I didn’t have plans of blogging about her anyway, or so I thought.


I found out that she is not just another pretty face. She is actually smart. Friends and families ask if she really is “sexy”.. I know what they mean, you know, the sexiness that goes with a sexual connotation. So I tell them, she’s very confident and knows her stuff and that’s what makes her sexy (oh, and she’s a vegetarian). Jinri says that she can be such a “princess” that we would have to “baby” her in some ways, but I don’t see her as that. In fact I find her very diligent and prudent.

jinri-park-and-fedhzThank you, Boogz, for the pictures!

And because of that one day experience with Jinri, I became a fan.

Share the Bond – Lander Giveaway

My husband and I are full time parents and entrepreneurs, but we make it a point to have family getaway at least once a month. A balanced lifestyle is very important to us, and it is what we teach to our daughter and what we advocate to our friends… The right mix of business, pleasure and self-improvement.

We had numerous trips over the years, but our Bicol trip stands out more than most. We swam, ran, trekked, made new friends, and learned new things about ourselves. We made memories in the span of 4 days that will last us a lifetime, small jewels that are often looked-over… Stories, photos and acquaintances that will keep us company as we grow old.

When age catches up, and youth has faded, we are left with our stories. Stories that turn back time, which we pass on. And in most cases the only thing we pass on that is of any significance. It reminds us of happier times, and in some cases inspires people around us to make their own stories, to reciprocate the good feeling we get from them.

Just like Lander products, we nurture, share, bond, and care for our loved ones and close friends. Bonds that bind our family together, nurturing and caring for each other, and of course sharing the blessing and paying it forward to the people around us.

Share with us your favorite bonding moment and get a chance to win Lander products. Log in through your Facebook account below using Rafflecopter to join the giveaway:

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By entering the contest, entrants agree to be bound by the contest rules and the decisions of the sponsor.

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