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What Women Should Know about Men

We either love them or we hate them. What is most definite is: women can’t live without men (and vice versa, don’t you think?). There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Women tend to whine and gripe about their partners from the simplest matter of putting down the toilet bowl seat or squeezing toothpaste from the bottom, to late nights out with pals and long working days and nights. But men just seem to take all these in stride.

Men have their share of peculiarities that women must learn to accept. For starters, men are simply big boys who love their toys. This childlike behavior is their way of escaping real-life pressures. They are polygamous by nature – who would love to cheat given the slightest provocation – and are perverts in general. They can’t resist a strip tease nor can they avoid looking at other women.
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Winner ako!

Okay, Okay.. I coerced Niko and Yobib to make me win the $20 so we’ll have money to spend for our movie date. mwahahaha!

Girls Talk

Kidding aside, I owe Niko a lot since I’m one  of the many girls who pledged to post every Thursday for her Girls Talk project which she formed last year 2009. (Was it this year?) See, I don’t know. Cuz the only time I joined GT was only this June 2010 although I always have drafts in my blog about some GT topics which I know I can relate to somehow.

But, being the Queen of Procrastination, they all stayed in my Draft section.

I decided to join GT (or should I say, forced myself into writing last June) hoping that Niko would change her mind giving up on GT just because of some eerie reason (it’s a secret hehe).

Girls Talk

But then, Niko passed over the crown to another outstanding Queen so who am I to complain? Well, actually my only complaint is that my weekly assignment of writing a post, taking pictures and visiting all the other lovely ladies out there. hihi. As much as I want to babble and eavesdrop, I also am the laziest person you’ll ever know. hahah!

Anyways, thank you, girls for the greetings and comments. I promise to visit you all. Just give me time. hehehe

GT – I Love My Body

There are so much I hate about myself. One thing for sure were my skinny legs. But I am always reminded about the story of a deer who hated his legs so much because they are too skinny, but so adored his antlers which risked his life when he was running away from a hunter and these antlers were caught on a low hanging twig. So what saved his life? His skinny legs which can run so fast.

This made me realize that things are not always what they seem. The first time I’ve heard of the word vain was from my brother who told me that I was so vain about my hair. Until I realize that my hair are slowly falling off. My legs, which were once skinny grew curves when I started biking. My breasts which grew big when I breastfed Yz and returned to its normal size when I stopped breastfeeding.

In a nutshell, I love myself when I’m physically at my best where I can see my firm abs, legs, arms, and butt and that I can keep up with my very active Yzabella as she ran across the hallway and in the park. Else, I used to like my eyes and lips which do not need lip gloss to shine. Just let me eat an ice cream and for sure it will turn red. lol

And oh, I would like to welcome our new Girls Talk host, Mommy Kaye!

Yan ha, di mo na me kelangan bantayan. now lang. baka sa mga susunod na Thursday na kelangan mo me pukpukin. lol

Girls Talk

GT – What’s Inside my Bag

I used to bring shoulder bags, but since one of your shoulders (my left most of the times) need to carry the weight of the bag, I thought of carrying a backpack will be more convenient to use. Poor shoulder.

I got this 20% off of Northface bag from the TNF 100 registration. I’m really a fan of Northface but since the items there are too expensive, I needed to think a hundred times before I decided on buying one.

I also dig Crumpler bag designs but they’re much too expensive for me as well. This bag is for Mike’s dslr, which I bring during events I attend, and whenever I feel like taking pictures of Yz. Sometimes if there’s still room in my backpack, I don’t bring the crumpler bag anymore.

I used to carry small shoulder bags where my cellphone, wallet, notebook (pad) or pen can be found. But since I always go out with Yzabella, any bag I carry turns out to be a diaper bag.

So what’s inside my bag usually? No more diapers now, though. But wet wipes, extra clothes and face towels are a must. And since it’s rainy season, I always bring my umbrella, Yz’s raincoat and my windbreaker, my notebook and pen (I’m lost without them) and wallet and cellphone (if my pants don’t have pockets on it).

GT -Inside my Wallet

This is actually Mike’s wallet. Well, actually I bought him this wallet some years ago as a gift (forgot what the occasion was) but it was my hard earned money, since I was only earning around Php60 a day (if I’m lucky) and this wallet cost Php 500.00. LOL He handed it down to me when he realized he needed some more pockets for his atm cards and more room for his cash, hehe.

In my wallet I have some bills, some IDs although I don’t want to bring them all in one wallet, cuz you know it’s hard when it got lost or snatched or robbed, discount or loyalty cards (oh, I love earning points) although I know it can take forever for me to accumulate huge amount of points unless I purchase every now and then from that establishment.Anyway, I was able to use up my suki card points. wink wink*

I think I do have some blogging cards (aka business card with my blog URL in it) in my wallet about 10 of them and my ATM card which only carries the maintaining balance, hehehe.