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November 4 to 6 2011; 10am to 10pm

I knew I wouldn’t let this pass. I heard of Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale last month, not sure if it’s from the TV or I saw a banner ad in Megamall… I know I would visit regardless. It’s still the same. We arrived around 7 in the evening on the first night, and Megatrade Hall was still jampacked. The long queue line was like a snake around the hall, when there were like 14 check out counters.

Aside from toys, books and costumes, you can also find baby products like feeding bottles, and cribs from 30% off. There were only a few 70% items I was interested of. Of course, Yz was only interested to play with Little Tykes slides. I vamoosed away so I can take pictures of the event.

Like last year, they didn’t have Lego on Sale. They have now, but only a few models and for only 30% less. Damn. They don’t even have on sale the city I wanted.

And these mats were selling like pancakes; I can see almost everyone have these in their carts and boxes. I don’t know exactly what these are used for.. maybe a picnic mat or a cover behind your car’s windshield (they come in different designs, don’t worry). But I bet they’re good as gifts as they’re priced Php100 from Php 299.00.

I didn’t dare check Eeyore‘s tag price at first cuz I know I wouldn’t be able to buy it tonight. But I did. And it really broke my heart when I had to return it. It was only Php799.00 from Php2000! Imagine. I actually know its regular price since I’ve been wanting to buy me one. Mike bought Pluto for Yz on regular price before. Mike said we would check out Toy Kingdom branch instead.


When the mommies and I parted ways after the Canon Pixma event, I walked hurriedly towards Trinoma to the MRT station passing through the Sky Garden. But my haste didn’t stop me from taking a few shots of their glowing pumpkins sitting on the well-trimmed grasses.
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It’s Sunday and so we are at our usual routine of visiting the malls when we’re not out on the beach, at home relaxing after a run race early in the morning or climbing/hiking up a mountain. We’re also in search for Yz’s Halloween costume; I promised her a pirate costume. But unfortunately no costume fancies me. We might end up sewing a custom design for her.

I just amused myself with the Halloween decors Toy Kingdom has to offer me this year. It wasn’t as scary like last year, but I refused to take a photo opp with any of them. ^^


Mike’s friend messaged me on facebook last Friday and told me about Girbaud’s Warehouse sale somewhere in Ortigas this Saturday.. well that was yesterday.. But I said we were tightening our belts specially on our vices.. but you know, I couldn’t resist myself thinking about not buying myself something new this week, so I went back to Girbaud Megamall (after seeing the 30-70% sale yesterday) and found out that it’s a month-long sale. Phew!

30% OFF wallet

Yay! I found me a black/grey wallet for ladies (yup! I am using a hand-me-down wallet that I gave Mike as a Xmas gift 5 years ago which I bought for Php400 from Bench); and so I thought it’s a perfect time for me to buy me a lady-looking wallet. Still I’m uneasy about bringing wallets, huge wallets that is, that won’t fit my pockets.


Humpty Dumpty School in Pasig is now open for registration for the School Year 2011-2012. I already reserved Yz for Nursery and it cost Php 500.00. The tuition fees are still the same ranging from 28 to 30 Thousand Pesos. Humpty Dumpty might also give loyal students about 5% discount on the next coming year.


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