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Eco-Friendly Fireplace

Sunday Aug 21, 2011

In the Philippines, there are only two types of weather conditions. Rainy season is considered as the cold season in the country. But rainy weather does not require every home to have a fireplace mantel. For countries which require fireplaces in their homes, consider setting up an eco-friendly fireplace.

  • Use electric fireplaces especially if you live in small condos or apartments. It does not require gas line or chimney and can easily be moved from one room to another.
  • The Gel fuel fireplaces is another good option. The gel fuel is alcohol based and is designed to be smoke and fume free.
  • The Pellet Stoves may not look very appealing compare with the electric and gel fuel fireplaces. It utilizes recycled sawdust, recycled paper or any organic materials as “pellets”.

More and more eco-friendly home heating options are being made to reduce or somehow help in the environmental condition of our planet.


There are electronic gadgets which can also be operated using batteries.  The stuff that utilizes batteries includes the likes of toys, mobile phones, consumer electronic items such as cameras and laptops. Batteries are also used to operate medical equipment like digital thermometers, blood sugar testing device and there are also hearing aid batteries.
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Most of us want to protect our environment and a lot of people have been trying to do green living. The smallest things we do can make a big difference when you sum it up. Here are some of the small things we can do to save and protect our environment:
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Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels

Saturday Mar 26, 2011

The choice on whether to use electric hand dryers or paper towels can be quite difficult because there are pros and cons in every decision. In some aspects, it is more advantageous to use hand dryers however there are also positive points in utilizing paper towels.
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