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Guess Brings Smile Thru Disney Live! Musical

When volunteer plastic surgeon Dr. William Magee together with his wife went to the Philippines as part of the medical mission trip in 1981 together with the rest of international medical volunteers, they witnessed high incident of cleft palate, cleft lip and facial deformities in many Filipino children. It inspired them to form a group for their first medical mission, which later on became Operation Smile.

Operation Smile, a medical services organization provides free reconstructive surgery. From its humble beginning in Naga 27 years ago, it has become an international NGO. It does medical missions not only in the Philippines but in other parts of the world like Middle East, Asia, Northern America and Latin America.

Operation Smile provides reconstructive surgery because the organization believes that smile will help change lives. The impact of the surgery to a child is more than skin deep. Fixing a facial deformity will change the lives of these kids because they will no longer experience being ridiculed. It is more than physical healing; there is also an emotional and psychological healing involved.

Guesskids which is another international company has been a staunch supporter of the projects of Operation Smile. Recently, Guess Kids gave an opportunity for the kids of Operation Smile to see their favourite Disney characters through the Disney Live musical show. This is not the first time that Guesskids got involved in charity projects. They have done several projects for the cause of Operation Smile.

Guesskids also gives chance for customers to get involve in their charity works. A particular percentage of the sales from premiere Guess jeans were donated to support medical missions. Company employees also serve as non-medical volunteers in the missions of Operation Smile which has treated several number of children. To bring smiles on the faces of the kids with facial deformities, the company will continue to support this medical service organization.

Ipanema: Perfect Fit for Dainty Feet

From mere house footwear, flip-flops were evolved into something fashionable and stylish. A lot of flip-flops brand are coming out in the market, but Ipanema is the world’s most fashionable Brazilian footwear. Unlike with other brands, it is more than just flip-flops. It is something that can be worn at any given occasion. From a simple stroll at the park, to romantic date or night out with friends; this footwear would perfectly fit those dainty feet.

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The Legend Villas Open House Crystal Weddings

The Legend Villas announces its newest wedding theme packages starting this 13th of May to 15th, 10am to 7pm. Bride- and husbands-to-be’s are invited to experience the “dream wedding”.

The Crystal Wedding is themed after two precious stones: Onyx (stylish chic) and Quartz (fairytale-themed)


The Bride and Groom's table and Presidential Table

The Bride and Groom's table and Presidential Table

The Black and White (Onyx Wedding Theme) is inspired by a touch of drama and high class.

black and white wedding cake


Quartz Package is Classical – timeless, elegant and magical

Starting package rate is Php 155 Thousand (100pax) inclusive of a buffet meal with baked breads, soup and fresh salads, 4 main courses, pasta, desserts and bottomless drinks.

Wish Table for Guests to pick up notes from the Newly Weds and Guests could write their special messages for the couple.

Bloggers Climb for A Cause At Mt Pinatubo

After our fun-filled adventure to Camsur, Mike decided to go on a trip (particularly mountain climbing and of course trail running) more often. Soon we’ll be joining Men’s Health All Terrain Race at Nuvali, Laguna this June and climb Pulag maybe August or September.

Ning storied about a lot of travel bloggers and I’m so excited to be one (watch out for my travel photoblog soon!) At the same time, she asked me if we would join the Akyat Pinatubo this May 28th. Oh my! Without second thought, Mike said, go pay and register now! I’m still hazed about our last trip, and here we are again on the next one. Talk about itchy feet.

So for this event, we would like to thank the ff:

For those of you who are interested, here are the rates:

  • For bloggers: Php 1900.00/head
  • Non bloggers: Php 2300/ head

Php 300 will go to Tahanang Walang Hagdanan.

*not sure about kids though, but we’ll be bringing Yz with us of course!

Johnson’s Presko Play Event Market Market

Even though it was stated in the invitation that this was an outdoor activity, I was still surprised to find the event happening at the main promenade of Market Market, the Fort. I felt lost cuz I thought this was an exclusive event for bloggers and media alike just like the previous ones.

There were games already held at the center promenade. I’ve found Trellis at the other side after passing by booths for playtime for kids. Finally, a familiar face!

We had our lunch at Trellis and were invited to go out for an afternoon outdoor activities for kids.

I was shooed away by the camera man from the mini stage I was standing on. There was a parade coming…

some Going Bulilit Kids.. (oh, I saw ChaCha inside Trellis on the other table)

and the Futkaleros.

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