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Eat Now, Think Later

I advocate physical fitness as much as I love food. I believe you can have hearty meals while still being physically fit. To me, it’s more about pragmatic substations over diets or abstinence; though mass-media would argue the latter, and sell you insecurity.

I often hear of these diets and/or substitutes to food that claim a plethora benefits that most of us don’t really understand. But when you think about it, our grandparents didn’t have these during their time and most of them still live to this day and are living life. What is the use of prolonging life if the quality of life deteriorates?
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Loco Over Coco: The Different Uses and Benefits of Coconuts


Theme-based exchange gifts are always a major part of the Christmas season. When I had to give a gift that was “round and comes in pairs”, the first (wholesome) thing that came to mind was a pair of coconuts. But apart from being a kris kringle essential, coconuts serve a far more important purpose. The coconut tree is called the “tree of life” because every part of it has a variety of uses and health benefits.

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Baby Smooth Skin For Supermoms

Who says mommies cannot have skin as smooth and supple as their babies? Busy moms are often too preoccupied with the many roles they play to the hilt and forget that they too need pampering. Celebrity supermom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo reminded hundreds of moms on Facebook last March 12 that they too can look glowingly healthy with soft young looking skin. Johnson’s Baby Philippines presented this rare opportunity to learn about supermom skin care tips, secrets, and advice from Judy Ann.

The best way for mommies to take care of their families is to take care of themselves too. As the first ever Johnson’s Baby Philippines live chat with Judy Ann revealed, “when you take care of yourself, it shows!” It does not take much to have supermom skin just like Judy Ann’s. All you need is to live a healthy lifestyle and to use products like Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath in your regular skin care routine. Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath is packed with the nutrients needed to nourish your skin. Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath’s combination of milk proteins, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E all work together to keep mommies’ skin moisturized throughout the day – the perfect skin for baby to touch and feel for hours and hours of snuggling and playing.
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