Eat Now, Think Later

January 6, 2014

I advocate physical fitness as much as I love food. I believe you can have hearty meals while still being physically fit. To me, it’s more about pragmatic substations over diets or abstinence; though mass-media would argue the latter, and sell you insecurity. I often hear of these diets and/or substitutes to food that claim […]

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Loco Over Coco: The Different Uses and Benefits of Coconuts

December 28, 2013

Theme-based exchange gifts are always a major part of the Christmas season. When I had to give a gift that was “round and comes in pairs”, the first (wholesome) thing that came to mind was a pair of coconuts. But apart from being a kris kringle essential, coconuts serve a far more important purpose. The […]

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How to Make Exercise Exciting and Effective

April 25, 2012

You can hardly believe your eyes. Looking at the calendar, you’re shocked to realize that it’s only a few ticks away before your friend’s wedding day! You grapple for answers as to how to lose weight fast – fast enough to fit into that cute dress you plan to wear on that special day.

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Baby Smooth Skin For Supermoms

April 20, 2012

Who says mommies cannot have skin as smooth and supple as their babies? Busy moms are often too preoccupied with the many roles they play to the hilt and forget that they too need pampering. Celebrity supermom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo reminded hundreds of moms on Facebook last March 12 that they too can look glowingly […]

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Cop that Kim Kardashian Bod?

July 5, 2011

“Embrace your curves and who you are” is probably very easy to do when you possess that hot, enviable and well-sculpted body that graced a number of magazine covers over a span of few years. This is probably one easy task to do if you can pose nude and un-retouched for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar […]

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