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Online Party

Yes, everything now is about online – online shopping, watching movies online, earning money online, playing online games, dating online.. And this week, I received two party invitations from my blogger friends who are celebrating their birthdays this April. Wow! This is the first time I’ve been invited to an online party and I got two already.

I dunno how it will go. They each has their own style of celebrating. The other one thought of link building and guest posting on each others’ blogs. The other one just wanted us to attend by being online (of course). So I should get hold of a webcam soon. Hihi.

I am Buraot

No, not me. (Although I could be buraot at times). Anyway, I’m talking about a blogger friend who wants to call himself Buraot. I dunno why he calls himself as one, but he is the complete opposite, I tell you. Buraot means (as I understand it) being a miser or anything negative you can think of a person. I think I first heard of this word when I was in highschool, and it was used to label a person who is very unfriendly in nature and yeah, nambuburaot (selfish).

I forgot how I came about the Buraot site, but I think it’s because of him sponsoring a blog contest of $50. Huwat? That generous? Yep. When I first landed on his site, I thought how gloomy it was to be there. The layout was in black and yellow, and it was hard to read the texts. But no, that didn’t stop me from reading the blog. I always leave the site with awe. Buraot is a great writer.
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Links on my Sidebar

I’m cleaning up my sidebar again. My OCD is kicking up and I am beginning to be dissatisfied on how it looks so I keep on changing and rearranging the links and badges to where I think they are best suited.

Love me

I used to not like the idea of cbox/shoutbox because of spam. But then I realized that I still want you guys to shout out something even if you only drop and run. I know we’re all busy clicking that we can’t even stop to say hi inside the comment post. So far, I have not received any message that is just plugging/spamming. So I’m leaving it there.

Love You Back

I have removed some exchange links (well how can that be “exchange” if I can’t find my link on your page, right?) If you’re looking for your badges and links, you can find them here. Otherwise, if you’re not there, it’s either I forgot about you, or you’ve forgotten to visit me. hihi

If you find your links on the sidebar, it’s either you’re my friend, or I like your website so much that I want to see you all the time, or that you paid me to have it placed there. I also placed the RSS feeds of top Entrecard droppers as my way of appreciation.

And oh, since I am in my procrastination state again, I will be placing the links of my blogversary/bday contest sponsors on the sidebar instead of writing a review. Don’t worry, I have all your reviews in my draft head. I just can’t write them down with my OCD and procrastination present at the same time. Ironic?

Pay Me

Most of the badges you can see are paid advertisements or could be blog sponsorship winner or holding a contest wherein I can win through a monthly raffle entry. I haven’t won so far. But I received sponsors from some. Nice!

Yes, I’m still obsessed with advertising, although I said (a couple of days back) that I hate adsense and banished it within the post and on my sidebar. But now you see it’s back there. ^^ I still need to earn 50 more to reach the minimum payout that’s why I can’t ditched it out just yet.

So there. I hope you will not be surprised not to find your links/badges. I would want the boyfriend to make me another blog layout cuz I want a larger space for my links and all (bwahaha), but he’s super busy at the moment.. (we both are). I don’t want to disturb Kaye for another blog theme cuz she’s busy managing Jade’s blogs, and Pehpot’s and Niko’s. I’m beginning to think that she’s Peh’s sidekick being a wonderwoman and all. bleh!

If you want to exchange link or badge with me just leave a message.

2nd Batch of Links

Oh my gush. I thought I would be announcing the winners today. No not yet. Thank gawd. I want you to all die from suspense. harhar! I will be posting each and every review here. I hope you all help me double check. So if I missed something, please don’t hesitate to pinpoint. ^^

I already posted Kaye, Pehpot and Niko’s links ahead because of their special prizes. Here are the reviews for the $20 and $10 sponsors.
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