Thule and Yakima Loadbars and Basket Comparison

Choosing the right loadbars or crossbars and attachments really boils down to 2 things; weight and noise. Traditionally crossbars were rounded square bars made out of steel with a plastic shell which weighed approximately 5-10kgs each excluding the fit kit. Newer models from Thule and Yakima are made out of aluminum which are lighter and have better weight to performance ratio. Yes, they aren’t as sturdy as the steel ones but your top load won’t exceed 100kg anyway since it is typically the maximum weight limit of your cargo.


I found the Wingbar design from Thule works best among all the Thule and Yakima crossbars. It’s a third of the weight of the squarebars with little to no wind noise when driving down the highway. This is important since not only is it quiet, it also has less drag which won’t impact your fuel consumption. Yakima has a similar product, the Whispbar Edge S54 which looks sexier than the Thule counterpart – the Thule Wingbar Edge.

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Keeping it Up

This week had been very remarkable to my comeback! I’ve been on a dilemma for a while now between closing this blog down and wanting to revamp it . But as I ruminate through my old blogposts and their comments, I realized, there’s nothing so much to change about the theme and design but to change myself and my day to day routine. I should considerably  squeeze in some time to write a post or so.
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Re-purposing Christmas Decors

With most people being environmentally conscious, it is best to reduce, reuse and recycle things we have. A great place to start is re-purposing Christmas decors to something that can be used all year round. It would be a good exercise in being frugal and a launch pad for children to stimulate their imagination and artistic inclination.

Apart from the tree itself other Season specific décor like figurines can be re-purposed instead of being stored. Plastics, laces, Styrofoam balls, Christmas Lights, etc can be used on a myriad of applications with little to no additional cost. The most common of them all would be the Christmas lights which can often be seen in garden lighting and outdoor establishments.


20 Ways to Use Your Holiday Decor Year-Round

With the introduction of LED lights which is more efficient and has greater output, Christmas light has more use and repurposing among all types of decors.
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