With most people being environmentally conscious, it is best to reduce, reuse and recycle things we have. A great place to start is re-purposing Christmas decors to something that can be used all year round. It would be a good exercise in being frugal and a launch pad for children to stimulate their imagination and artistic inclination.

Apart from the tree itself other Season specific décor like figurines can be re-purposed instead of being stored. Plastics, laces, Styrofoam balls, Christmas Lights, etc can be used on a myriad of applications with little to no additional cost. The most common of them all would be the Christmas lights which can often be seen in garden lighting and outdoor establishments.


20 Ways to Use Your Holiday Decor Year-Round

With the introduction of LED lights which is more efficient and has greater output, Christmas light has more use and repurposing among all types of decors.

A more feminine use for these decors would be converting the laces and other fabrics into clothing accessories and or items. These can be anything from ribbons as accent pieces, laces as belts and small decorative trinkets as jewellery to give you some ideas. The Styrofoam left overs can be re-purposed as a pin cushion for sewing while the other plastic decors can be used as toys or sold to a nearby recycling facility.

All these small things can add up to significant saving come Christmas season. By re-purposing your old decors from the previous years, you will end up with an extra money that would have been allotted for buying new Christmas decors. Aside from that you can rest easy that you have done your small part as a responsible citizen by helping the environment.

So next time you stow your Christmas lights and other decors, think about reusing them for a brighter future… pun intended.


I got used to posting/updating my social media sites than my blog cuz it was easier and more convenient. But then researching on which best homeschool program brought me back to reading blogs.

It made me miss blogging so much. I realized that I will always go back to the blogging world, where I met inspirational and informational mommies I meet online (locally and internationally).

The blogging world seemed too noisy to me when I started to join and attend different blogging/press release events. Not that I’m saying I didn’t like attending any of them, it’s just that even though people see me as the sociable, outgoing, life of the party, perky person, I still enjoy more alone time with myself and my family.

It was great to meet people of different kinds, statuses and ages. But one thing’s for sure, I will always go back to the basics. Maybe it comes with age, like I used to love loud music and dance hiphop. I started mellowing down when I turned 30, and most esp when I’ve learned about yoga.

I guess being a “lifestyle blogger” ain’t my style. I will always come back to being a “mommy blogger”.


My Favorite Dance Workouts

Friday Apr 18, 2014

I saw this youtube video earlier on top search when I was lookin’ for my favorite Waka Waka Zumba Dance Workout. I liked the beat and how simple the steps are.

“Do not say you can’t dance. Negative mental programming will block your abilities. “
This Zumba dance with the tune of Waka Waka by Shakira is my pick-me-upper. Whenever I’m so lazy to start working out, I just play the song, then my body just follows.

And when I just want to sway my hips and not move much (not in my jolly/hyper/overzealous mood) I’ll have Coco (Belly dancing with Coco) instruct me. Love her voice, very comforting like a yogini.
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Dance Around Japan

Wednesday Apr 2, 2014

I’m gonna be doing this someday… dance like nobody’s watching, dance like crazy, and be good at it, and most definitely dance around Japan.

I’ve watched Hayley Kiyoko from Lemonade Mouth and I love her since.