Dance Around Japan

Wednesday Apr 2, 2014

I’m gonna be doing this someday… dance like nobody’s watching, dance like crazy, and be good at it, and most definitely dance around Japan.

I’ve watched Hayley Kiyoko from Lemonade Mouth and I love her since.


Since my mother is hands on when it comes to taking care of us, I grew up eating fruits and vegetables which she grew in our own backyard. Going to the doctor is the last option whenever we got sick, so every time we had fever or colds, she resorted to giving us lots of fluids (water, boiled oregano leaves and such), prepare her make-shift nebulizer, and sponge-bath us every time the fever went up.
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For my Flaky Friend

Thursday Feb 13, 2014

For that friend who dumps me whenever it’s convenient for her.
This one’s for you, though I don’t know if I still have to call you “friend”.



RIP Tado

Friday Feb 7, 2014



The washing machine is a mom’s true friend. Especially during these times when good help is hard to come by, more and more families have decided to go at it on their own.


Having a reliable washing machine at home is a huge help for all mothers, working or staying at home. Even if buying the washing machine initially can be expensive, the savings you gain from not having to send your laundry out or hiring a lavandera can add up to more than your initial cost of purchase.
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