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How to be a Goddess by Jill Ngo

My friend, Gemma, invited me to a blogger’s event of a Belly Dance Class, entitled Goddess for a Day. Without second thoughts, I said yes. I had tried belly dancing before at Fitness First, SM Fairview branch, but I didn’t learn anything, I just followed suit. Nothing of importance resounded.

Gemma and me at Footworks Studio

Now that you can find any tutorial in the internet, I’ve searched in Youtube some tutorials about the basics of Belly dancing. I’ve learned to do some warm up exercises which will take you about an hour to do. That didn’t include the dance yet.

Jill-Ngo-belly dance instructor

After meeting Ms. Jill Ngo, I learned that there is so much more to belly dancing. She believes that belly dancing is not like the sexy, erotic, strip tease moves. For the most part of our belly dance class, she did a lot of introduction to belly dance, and how women should look at themselves and how they should use their bodies.

How to be a Goddess by Ms. Jill Ngo:

Don’t compare yourself to others. This is almost a cliché but we always fail to fully absorb and utilize its meaning. We are all different from each other. Some people are limber, others are not (like me). But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Don’t compare yourself how good Ms. Jill is at belly dancing especially since she’s been dancing for more than 20 years now.

Accentuate what you have. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, Ms. Jill Ngo herself is petite and short-legged. Instead of lamenting that she didn’t have the legs she wanted, she would just wear high heels to compensate. Focus on your strengths and flaunt it.

Make time and effort. If you wanna be good with anything or in belly dancing for that matter, you have to spend time and energy doing it everyday until you become good at it. So you won’t have to be a Goddess for only a day, but be a Goddess forever.

Hold your head up high. You will notice that when Ms. Jill belly dances, you won’t see her hair touch her back. It’s her way of guiding her head to look up high and proud. You own it!


Ms. Jill also compared belly dancing from ballet, as an example. In ballet, your chest and body shouldn’t be moving, maybe a few chest lifts, but no frisky or shimmy shimmy movements at all. The hands and the legs are your movers. In belly dancing, the hands and the legs are like in a steady position, maybe swaying your hands for some maya movements to accentuate the hips, but the arms don’t move so much. The chest down to the hips are your movers.


So with this, our warm up started with a little bit of yoga to strengthen our spinal cords, bending, and other stretching techniques while sitting down to properly control the movement of the hips only. Next is standing position, which is my favorite, the “stomach in, in, in, in.” Yes, you flatten your tummy four times to force it to crunch even more. Don’t forget to breathe!

walk like a Goddess

To dance like a goddess, you have to know first how to walk like one, so while falling in line we did some walking with arms spread up, and chin high up, which I failed to do properly although Ms. Jill said we all did a great job.


Ms. Jill taught us a short but hard dance movement. I felt very confident when we were doing the drills, but when the video cameras were all facing to us, I lost it. Still, I had a great time. The video stressed how much I should work on.

Belly Dance Class at Footworks Studio


Before the class, we were asked to take photos of ourselves by the wall. It is to check how much we can be transformed from a simple lady to a Goddess. I have not changed much physically, but this experience prompted me that I still have time to work on my body, just like what Ms. Jill says, “Think it, then your body will follow.” My body had been conditioned to walk and stride like a boy, now it’s my turn to be a Goddess.


To learn more about Ms. Jill Ngo and her Dance Class Schedules, visit her Facebook pages:

Surplus Shops Megamall Summer Outfits

Certainly hoping that I can pull these outfits off.

All these for about Php 5,300. The shorts are from Php 350- 400, sandos or shirts for Php 200, summer tote bag is Php 300, scarf is Php 200, and cardigan is Php 350.00. I got them less 10% each item, cuz apparently they had this Members Only Sale for SMAC (SM Advantage Card) holders this March 26, Thursday, when we just happened to buy new pairs of shorts and shirts. Let’s go surfing!

Stuck in Between

People are starting to coin the term intense traffic in the Metro. I personally think it’s not an exaggeration; with the perpetual rise in the number of vehicles on the roads and the dwindling infrastructure for proper roads, it would be a good time to reconsider my priorities.

I always planned on relocating to the province, but with the ways things are going it will be sooner than later. Hopefully the market rates will coincide with my financiers and result in a good deal. It’s not as much as the amenities or features of the place but the location, location, location. With us having to work out of our living room we have a broader selection than most.

Corruption is a sad fact of life, this is exceptionally true in our country; where opportunities are limited and condensed to specific locations. So as people are forced to flock to these centers of business, my family and I will get out and start planting roots out in the provinces. Leveraging the tele-commute to get out of the local-rat-race and start living life.

On that note, my family and I look forward to house hunting. It’s just like window-shopping in the mall just with road trips and outdoor adventures added. Since we are starting earlier than most people, we get to do a whole lot more shopping, haggling, touring and all that good stuff. Besides, a recently released study said that NOW is actually the best time to invest in real estate. We get to school ourselves in the real-estate market and learn the pertinent lessons a prospective buyer should learn to minimize the risk involved. This is where another advantage of the tele-commute comes in for us. We get to scan the inter-webs for deals and locations before physically visiting the sites.

I am thankful that I don’t have to spend x-amount of weeks or months on the road per year to earn a living, nor would I wish it on anyone. Since you made it this far along my ramblings I would assume that we are like-minded and want something similar. If so then know you’re not alone and crazy like what your relatives or peers may think; if not then at the very least it is food for thought… while you are stuck in traffic.