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Work when & where you want.

helping business coaches craft the life they want.

Work from home, while managing your businesses, with speed and proficiency.


Refining and redefining your perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. We may skip this step if you already have a working logo and theme.

web development


Set up your digital business card. After we have finalized your branding, we will start to develop your website based on your chosen color palettes and theme.


Let’s use digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

if you want to successfully participate in today’s business world, you will need to have a strong character.

let’s work together

Click on the link below to schedule a call with me. Let’s brainstorm and craft a strategy on your digital portfolio career.

Diana Wu David

Board Director | Strategist | Educator | Author

Fedhz has done a great job with everything from the launch of my Future Proof book to the 10-week course that followed. She has an eye for detail and a can-do spirit. When there were ideas I had that I didn’t know how to execute, she would find resources in her network. When I didn’t have any ideas, she often came up with creative ideas of her own. When she didn’t know Active Campaign or Kajabi – the platforms I chose, she learned them and mastered them.

Fedhz is good at thinking strategically about growth, digital marketing and improving processes. Most of all, she is a joy to work with because she cares so much about people and her work. I couldn’t run my online courses without her!

Lori Granito

Bullshit-Free Business Coach, Success Strategist, 4x TEDx Speaker/Coach, Legendary Life Coaching Limited

Working with Fedhz the last few months has been such a boost to being able to get more accomplished in my business. Her willingness to learn new applications and her flexibility in working schedules have been invaluable. She is extremely hardworking and diligent in her duties, as well as proactive. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team!


Peggy Kingsbury

The Client Detective

Fedhz and her team have been invaluable in helping me get my new venture up and running. Fedhz goes the extra mile and thinks one step ahead so that I don’t miss important details on my Youtube site. Fedhz is also very creative and edits my videos with flair. There is no way I could have accomplished starting this new business without Fedhz and her incredible team.

Britta Butler

Design Director at B Squared Design

Fedhz has been a tremendous help in many aspects of my business, from editing videos to helping me launch my online course and all the web-related setup it required. She and her team were always available to answer questions, and everything was on time and professionally done. If any issues arose, she was quick to solve the problems and come up with creative solutions. I would highly recommend Fedhz for all your business needs!

Melanie Bell

Owner at The Sewing Lounge Hong Kong

Fedhz was recommended by a friend and I am so glad she did! She really keeps on top of things.. Gets things done in a timely manner and anticipates the needs of her clients.. I highly recommend her.

Sheila Claudi Partrat

Intulife Yoga

Fedhz took on the job of designing my website at the end of 2018. She not only designed a beautiful site that is both technically robust and beautiful, but she managed the whole process despite my complete lack of technical understanding. She went beyond the design & technical, she bridged the gap of my lack of technical skills, which not only takes pedagogy but complete clarity. Fedhz also would not let go of the logo design until she delivered what I loved.

I am grateful to Fedhz for the excellence of the work that she delivered and would not have any hesitations in recommending Fedhz’ website development services. I am thrilled with my new site which is converting as I write!


Lacy Hodges

Online Business Strategists for Female Entrepreneurs

When I first connected with Fedhz I had already tried a few different VA’s and they just weren’t a good fit and I honestly started to think that it was me and my standards were just too high. Then I connected with Fedhz and started just chatting about my biz and her biz as a VA. We hit it off and she mentioned that if I needed any help just let her know. She knew my past experience with the previous VA’s so she didn’t pitch me or anything.

Then one day I was up to my ears in crap to do for this large program launch and decided to give her a try and the rest is history!

She went above and beyond what the task was and exceeded my expectations. She quickly showed me my standards were not too high and you just have to find the right VA.

I highly recommend Fedhz if you are looking for someone that doesn’t need hand holding, can work efficiently and quickly with minimal instructions, is great with taking creative control when needed. Fedhz is such an amazing VA and I am soooo happy. We have been lucky enough to add her to our team!